“Listen, Do You Want to Know a (wedding fashion) Secret? “

On January 28th 2017, we got married. So, my first blog post will obviously have to be about that!

It was the registry part of the wedding as our big celebration will be a festival on a gorgeous eco-farm in Wales, in August.

For the January wedding, I chose this cute frilly 60’s style Sister Jane dress, from ‘Sister Jane’ in Notting Hill. The shoes were Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats, quite fitting given my profession 🙂

Richard went for a great Topman stone coloured wool suit and I just loved his Mrs Bow Tie pink dicky bow.

We went to ‘The Chain Bridge Hotel‘ in Llangollen afterwards, with family and friends. The scenery there on The River Dee is epic!

This brings me to my 2nd blog post ….our honeymoon! This will probably go in to a third post and a fourth post etc. as we are having an extended honeymoon around the world! I would love to see you back here next week from our first stop (and my second home), Thailand 🙂


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