D’you want to go to the seaside? (The kooks and honeymoon duty free) 

So, the 4am wake up can be forgiven because, as I listen to ‘the kooks’ at stanstead airport, we are waiting to jet off on the start of our honeymoon around the world!! ☀️🌴👙

First stop, Thailand. Now I was a Veterinary Surgeon at a couple of animal charities in Thailand a while back and although it was emotionally exhausting at times it was also my most rewarding time as a vet. The street dog temperament is amazing and the people are so grateful for any help. It also kick started my obsession with travel. 

I was fresh from Uni and I had never travelled that far before. Phi phi island seemed a paradise I can’t explain. Having visited a few times since it’s changed vastly but my new husband has never visited so I couldn’t resist showing him. He is prepared for over-excited and reminiscing on my part! 

Anyway, duty free… I’m looking for coconut perfume which all my friends know is my fave and signature smell (the beach, Malibu, sunscreen). I just tried some Escada which is a beaut!! The packaging also attracted me as I love tropical stuff and bright colours. 

There was also Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs which is coconut water, lychee and jasmine….. which to choose???

Anyway, so begins my blogging of our travels, fashion styles on the way and animals I fall in love with … I’m sure there will be many. Get ready for #OOTD #whatiwore #fashionblogger

3 thoughts on “D’you want to go to the seaside? (The kooks and honeymoon duty free) ”

  1. Wow this page is exciting!! I can’t wait to follow your journey ❤️❤️ I have just started to follow you and I’m so looking forward to your updates.. hope you have the best time. . And enjoy every min. .xx

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