“Here comes the sun” Budget stays and Thailand fashion ðŸ’œ

So after what felt like the longest but smoothest flight ever (thanks dad for the Airbus), we landed at 7am in Phuket. 

We are staying at Pen Siri house, one because I lived there when I worked here and I have stayed three time since so I kind of know phen, and two because it’s beautiful on a budget and we are away for a long time so we need to budget. 

Pen’s business has grown since I first came out here. From one small guest house she has now extended to a second clean and modern building of spacious rooms. She even has a beach restaurant now where the Thai fish cakes and Pad Thai are very tasty. 

Her little daughter appeared at check in and yelled ‘Farang’ which means European, so I immediately knew she was taking about me. She wanted to help carry my luggage. This child is 4 years old and my backpack is 17kg! That’s Thai people all over 💜

As much as I would love to stay at the five star resort next door, Indigo Pearl, I do feel some loyalty to Pen. I have been for dinner next door though, so I will however promote its excellence if that’s the kind of thing you want from Thailand. I will also be visiting the snooker room there full of rare whiskies and craft cocktails and underground cafe later for a smoothie!  

So jet lagged day one we chilled, which reflected in my #whatiwore. Denim shorts and my ‘Give and Damn’ t.shirt, matched with my faves Swedish Hasbeen clogs and an old faithful H and M kitty bag 🐱. 

Today though is a beach day… see pictures below. My bikini is h and m, hat Asos and Saltwater sandals 💜

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