‘Day Tripper’ because we’re ‘Ha Phi Phi ‘❤️….. The Beatles and a Thailand Valentines 

For Valentine’s Day, we moved islands and I got to wear a pink dress courtesy of Topshop !!!

The boat from Koh Yao Yai took about 45 minutes and we arrived at a much transformed Phi Phi Island.  In 2009 when I worked I Thailand, this place was still quite magical and a backpacker haven. Today, it remains beautiful but with as much squeezed in as possible, like the tube on a Friday night. I do think the jiggled up, windy streets of bars and shops gives it the cool vibe, but it’s fast becoming all too much. The worst thing I’ve seen here is an Ibiza pool party…. go to Ibiza!! I’m in Thailand, I want scenic Thai landscapes and Phad Thai!!! Rant over! I still love it, I just pray they don’t do much more!

We are staying at Cobble Beach Resort, nestled on the incline in to the jungle and it’s a beaut! With an infinity pool and fabulous breakfast. We did the view point from here this morning which was a bit a a trek through jungle but worth it… see picture. Watch out for viper snakes 🐍 

There are no cars on Koh Phi Phi only massive wheelbarrows to carry supplies and heavy luggage. No cars but plenty of cats! 😻Cats galore, raining cats but no dogs, messmirising cats relaxing around every corner and I’m so glad because I adore them!

There are also shops everywhere. There used to be an amazing dress shop which sold vintage style dresses in all colours. I bought a few in 2009. Today it’s changed a little, but remains a cute boutique of handmade gems. Check them out at Namlily design on etsy.

There is a second favourite boutique of mine which sells vintage Levi’s denim shorts, westerns styles and gorgeous detailed satchels. 
As another rain cloud descended, we spontaneously decided to hire a kayak. We paddled to a cove around the corner which is home to numerous cheeky northern pig-tailed macaques 🐒.  They tend to not advance in to the ocean so that’s your best bet if one gets too familiar unless of course you have food, and then the ocean doesn’t matter… lesson one ‘don’t take food’. Lesson two ‘don’t take anything’. They were attracted to my asos hat and Richard’s Miami SnapBack. Thankfully they survived. The snorkelling here was also fun. We spotted a puffer fish and parrot fish.

Valentine’s Day took us to a beach restaurant for pizza and wine last night. I wore my Topshop pink mini dress. I also painted red hearts on my nails! 

Regarding makeup, my favourite blushers at the moment are Benefit blushers, again probably because I’m a sucker for pretty packaging! But, I have Rockateur and sugarbomb and they are both lush !!

 My eyelashes are still LVL survivors from my wedding day at the end of January! These are down to the expertise of Leah at Ivory, in my home town Wrexham. She tints and curls them and I’ve not needed mascara since!

Anyway, see you back in Phuket when my parents arrive!


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