Finding Nemo ….and my parents 

Phi phi took us swimming with sharks … but these guys are nothing to fear. They are are timid black-tipped reef sharks, who dart at the mere inclination of a silly human. Difficult to photograph but so cute! We hired a random long-tail boat from a lovey fisherman who took us to ‘shark point’. There were also little puffer fish and the more colourful parrot fish. 

As night fell in phi phi, we dined at our new favourite little restaurant ‘Basil Bistro’ where the Panang and yellow curry were delicious! Afterwards, we headed to the best live music bar on the island Kongsiam. The main act are a Thai covers band who can play any request you throw at them!

My book during phi phi has been a great read by Cherry Healey called ‘letters to my fanny’. It’s basically her take on being a female, growing up, pregnancy, dieting etc. It’s full of massively funny confessions and makes you realise what you are thinking has probably been thought by most other girls. It also brings home just to be kind and nice and empathetic with all. She re-grammed my instagram photo of me reading it so now I love her forever. Buy this book on Penguin or amazon… she hasn’t sponsored me I promise. 🍒🍒🍒

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare as we got the ferry from phi phi back to Phuket and made our way to Kata Beach. My parents were supposed arrive at 7am… by 1pm they were still not checked in. There was no sign of a whatsapp or any contact! 

After much panic with the helpful hotel staff, we called Qatar airline to see if they had made their connecting flight in Doha. They informed us they were on a completely different flight arriving at 6pm??? So when they eventually arrived, they explained there was a huge storm over Doha and the plane couldn’t land. They were diverted to Bahrain and put up in a 5star hotel until it was safe to fly. Well done Qatar airways I say!  ✈️✈️✈️

My #whatiwore last night was a cute boho Bardot blouse and my Levi’s.  I get desperately dry hair on holiday and my saviour is Aussie 3 minute miracle! My hair also loves to get lighter in the sun. I have to use ‘A touch of silver’ to. Eutralise he brasses tones. 

Again, my go to lipstick is mac. Last night it was morange. My friend in Australia introduced me to this colour and I’ve been obsessed ever since 💋💋💋💋

Kelly ‘Hole in my pocket’ (holeinmypocket)


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