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What else can you do in the tail end of a cyclone…. fashion !! πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘™β˜”οΈπŸŒͺ

Cyclone Debbie really did a number on Queensland and New South Wales this week…. what a b**ch! We were in Noosa, an amazing mix of little villages and perfect surf and also home to one of only two Everglade systems in the world! A pristine wilderness of flora and fauna. 

Dress, Cotton on sale, $10

Sandals, Saltwater Β£55

Basket bag, Bangalow market

Anyway, the tail end of the storm arrived in Noosa on Thursday and as we were stuck inside because it was bucketing down, what else could I do? I went to get my hair done, of course. 

But no joke, it did hit hard around 5pm and the electricity cut out. It was out for about 10 hours in Noosa. So we sat in the dark and cooked kangaroo on the BBQ. The next day it made it’s way down to the Gold Coast and caused devastation. I hope everyone is doing ok up the east coast!

In the calm after the storm, we flew to Sydney for a quick stop over which was loads of fun! 

Glasses, asos Β£10!

Here’s a few of the high street pieces I loved from Syders:

This funky denim jacket is a topshop winner for any upcoming festivals you may attend… hint hint, Coachella! It has tinsel cheerleader arms! You can shop this here!

The metallic rose gold or copper jacket behind is also a good coverup, most likely required at a good old (cold) UK festival. Find it here!

Speaking of Coachella, I will be attending for the second time whoop! I can’t wait to see the festival attire and celebrity outfits. I will be doing a little blog about it all but in the meantime, here’s a Palm Springs bomber I found at Sportsgirl in Melbourne.

Check out these beauts! Little Coyote and Road-runner embroidered ballet flats. You can buy them at Zara.

This cute embroidered is also Zara! And another in the link.

And while everything seems to be embroidered, (I’m not complaining) I have my eye on this stunning dress but it keeps selling out… don’t you just hate that! Why was I not first to know about it ? Or first in the que? Why don’t I know somebody who would send it to me for free? Come on H&M, LOL

It has also happened with this boohoo candied striped swimsuit… sob.

While I cry about the perfect swimsuit and the dress I could’ve had for summer weddings, I have added a ‘ shop my instagram ‘ section to the blog, so you can easily buy the cool stuff and bargains I find! Also, if you’re in bed early and want to look at lovely things like travel, fashion, beauty and animals to nourish your brain before you drift off, check out my instagram linked to this blog ‘holeinmy_pocket ‘ and make sure you read the Fearne Cotton book happy too! 

See you in Fiji,

Kelly x

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