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Hammucking around in Fiji ☀️🌴🐢🏝 A man’s opinion on fashion

Meet Richard, my husband. We are on a three month honeymoon and I decided to have a little Q&A with him to ask his opinion on fashion. From what he likes, fashion faux pas and beach attire, here is a little snippet of the chat. Enjoy!​

​​​​So in summary, he basically likes skinny jeans and converse for himself, and for the ladies, natural style and vintage clothing but definitely no fluorescent swimsuits!

And by the way, he’s correct on how beautiful Fiji is. We travelled to some of the small islands and they are relatively untouched, most with only one resort. Definitely the most tropical secluded places I have visited and great to snorkel too. Richard swam with an octopus and I saw loads of squid. Strange creatures they are!

Hawksbill turtles

Boohoo swimsuit & newlook headscarf, flower Fiji’s own 🌸

We went to a mudbath and some hot springs today. It was awesome! You feel so relaxed afterwards, and clean!

Fiji’s hot springs and mudbath

RIP H&M bikini !!! 

Dress, topshop 
Dress, Topshop 

Sandals or clogs, Amazon

And, hello new favourite basket bag!! Fiji style! 

See you in LA!!!

Kelly ‘Holeinmypocket’

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