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Fashion common sense 

Humans have a multitude of senses. I want to share some of my favourite things and some of my not so favourites. Things that set off my senses… 

I’ll start with the bad, I don’t like the feel of velvet. In fact, I hate it. It goes through me! It gives me goosebumps and makes me pull a funny face. The problem is, I love the look of velvet in fashion, so I like to buy velvet. My latest purchase is this little  Newlook number below, worn as a shirt or a jacket. It’s fine to wear until someone touches it whilst I’m wearing it. That’s just gross! 

Newlook, floral embroidered velvet jacket, £24.99

As well as velvet, I also hate winter, or more the transition in to winter. I hate dark nights and dark mornings. I hate having to put makeup on in the dark and I hate being cold. 

I think I used to be a solar panel, I’m not completely charged unless the sun is out. This means I like to go on holiday haha 

Now to olfaction. I love coconut! I love to smell like I’m on holiday, like Malibu sun cream or a pina colada! My friends know me for this. Anyone who knows of a great coconut perfume, hit me up!

This and my disliking of feeling cold means I also love the beach and travelling. I’ve lived in Thailand and Australia and I have been lucky enough to travel a fair bit around the world. It’s addictive. 

Nai Yang, Thailand

Swimsuit, Boohoo £18


Straw hat, Asos, £12

Saltwater sandals, Amazon

East coast, Australia
Los Angeles

And what do I like to look at …..colours!!! I love peach! I’ve just purchased the most wanted mango cord trousers after patiently waiting for my size to come back in stock.

Mango, cord trousers £49.99

I just like pastel colours in general hence my wedding theme. Don’t the boys look smart!

And what do I like to hear. Attending University in Camden meant I became obsessed with indie music or any music really. I love a festival and anywhere I can discover a new band.  Our wedding was a three day festival. The bands and the silent disco were epic!

Our wedding silent disco

Pink teddy bear coat, topshop £79

Now to taste… cake cake cake! Here is one of the wedding cakes my sister made for us.

Wine and crisps are also fab!

Kelly (holeinmypocket)


Holeinmypocket8 etsy shop

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