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I’d like to be…. under the sea πŸ™πŸ¦‘πŸ‘™πŸ πŸ¦€πŸ‘

I’ve been under the sea, quite a lot actually and in many different seas/oceans. I am so lucky that after qualifying as a vet, nobody seemed to want employ a new grad. At the time I felt I’d never be able to get a job, but a friend and I decided to disappear to Thailand and do some work with their many street dogs and cats. It was my first long haul flight. Little did I know that as well as gaining vast Veterinary medicine and surgical experience, it would set off a travel addiction for which there is no antidote. 

So here we are, lucky enough to be on a second honeymoon in the Maldives. There are so many islands to choose from if you decide to go to the Maldives. We opted for Bandos, a slightly bigger island, that has a bit more going on and a highly rated house coral reef. 

The Maldives

How to pack for a beach holiday… I’m not very good at this as my 22kg shows, but I’ll tell you what I like to take and what I bought before. Novemebr is a great time to holiday if you’re from the UK as it breaks winter up (I’m currently missing some snow) and holiday fashion is on sale! 

Firstly, make sure you’ve got swimsuits and bikinis. Make sure they fit well and are comfortable. 

Topshop swimsuit in orange

Topshop swimsuit similar here Β£20

Boohoo high waisted bikini SALE

Next is suncream. Hawaiian tropic is my fave because it smell Edible! Coconut galore and I got about 5 bottle from Primark last month reduced to 50p!

Each bikini, topshop Various prices

I use cocoa butter for after sun again because I’m a sucker for a nice smell, but also get really dry skin and this is fab. Get it at Boots!

At night, I also add my glitter body oil for a sparkle. There’s a few options again from Boots. Don’t forget mosquito repellents, I still have scars from Thailand and about 20 bites as we speak…. itchy much! 

Yellow dress, Millie Macintosh SALE Β£67.50

My makeup has been a flick with a bright Mac lipstick
We are all inclusive for the first time but we are making the most of it! Bacon and egg for brekkie or fruit and pancakes, wine with a lunch of fresh fish, salad and pasta and more wine with a dinner of amazing local curries and desserts…. Delish!

The snorkelling here has been fab. Its sad to see not so healthy reefs but the sea life seems to be hanging in there. Not a day passes without swimming or walking the shore with a shark. Rays are popular too and we’ve seen plenty of puffer fish, moray eels, starfish, parrot and clown fish and an octopus doing the evening rounds. There’s apparently one house turtle who lives here… we are determined to find him. 

Bandos house reef

We did a snorkelling trip however, to a few islands about a 20 minute boat ride away and we saw two green sea turtles! As well as a huge lobster and many sharks again.

Me and Tommy

Last night there was a lot of rain so we had some cocktails on the deck. It’s so peaceful listening to the sea in ambient lighting.

Sequin top, zara, Β£25.99

Slip dress, urbanoutfitters Β£12

Are you thinking about your next holiday now? Or travelling? I hope I’ve inspired you! Work hard, save save save and just do it! I know I won’t stop unless I physically can’t and even then I might get richard to carry me around… there’s so much of the world to see. For information about anywhere, head to wicked site Viator.



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