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The Snowman

“It was a magical day… …and it was on that day I made the snowman”

Who made a snowman – Richard did!

Richard and Simon

It’s that time of year to reflect so here goes.  This year we got married. Actually, we got married twice (greedy). The legal bit in January and the celebration bit in August.

The January occasion was near my home town in Llangollen, Wales and although I prayed it would snow, we ended up with quite a bright, sunny day. It was mainly a family thing with a few of my closest friends present, and it was perfect.

Me and dad

We then jetted off on a 3 month honeymoon, travelling around the world. It started in my fave Thailand, then Malaysia, Borneo, Cambodia, Australia, Fiji and America. We met lots of old friends along the way and even family joined some parts. It was great to see my Australian mates who I hadn’t seen since I left there in 2013!

Then it was home, back to work at my Veterinary clinic and on to organising the big party. But not before a gorgeous hen weekend with the ladies in Majorca. Full of pool time and wine tasting!

We wanted a festival wedding that wasn’t over in one day so that’s what we did! We designed lanyards, organised a main tent, food vans, glitter girls, 3 bands, a dj and a silent disco in the forest for 150 people.

I cannot believe it all worked out perfectly and with delegating, (not knowing  if stuff would get done) everyone’s hard work came together. The sun shined for 3 days (my Australian friends got burnt!).

I’m reminiscing as we just had our photos back AND 2017 is coming to a close. It’s been a fab year for me and Richard.


WAVING TO THE DRONEGet your wedding from here/ watch our video on the website !!!e”]DSC_0585 BRIDESMAIDS!!width=”4288_828″ align=”alignnone”]DSC_9556.JPGDSC_0801 CHEESE!!!!
Silent disco!!!


So what has 2017 taught me? I have always listened to people’s opinions and put them all together to make my own up or to make a decision about something. Lately, I have decided I should definitely always just go with my own gut. It’s taken me a while to realise this (I think I’m slow on the uptake of a lot of things) but I am going to try and not be persuaded otherwise.

Also, just be kind! You don’t know what that person is feeling unless they are the open, ‘heart on sleeve’ type or you ask them. Don’t let people be alone especially this time of year. Organise something or chat!

Lastly, if you’re not happy about something, change it. If its your job and it means being poor for a little while – who cares! Join a new class or hobby, think about what you enjoy, help a charity or volunteer, travel, share, eat and drink lots.

And, have a ‘Merry Christmas’!!!

My first dilemma of 2018 – which anniversary do we celebrate, January or August?



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