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All about anger, and fashion

The other day, I heard an interview where the women said she valued human life way more than an animal’s life. But, we are animals aren’t we? This made me think….


Pink cord dungarees Topshop, £49

Converse Office shoes, £59.99

Striped top Topshop, £19.99

Kitty cat bag, Asos, £18

Red Lipstick Bourjois, Superdrug

I am a Veterinary Surgeon and I would argue that in my job, I’m the opposite.

I have been lucky enough to travel a lot over the last few years. I have noticed so many changes in different countries even in the last few years. The changes are mostly caused by us, the people. Don’t get me wrong, some of the changes I noted are good, but some are not so good.


When I first went out to work with street dogs in Thailand they were in horrific condition and there were so many of them. Lactating bitches dragging their poor bellies along the floor, maggot infected wounds from entire dogs fighting and tiny puppies covered in intensely itchy mange. Fast forward to last year, and street dogs are few and far between. This is thanks to a lot of organisers and vets volunteering to neuter and care for the animals out there. The ones you do see look good now!


Dave an oprhaned street dog, Phuket Thailand 2009

But, I remember doing my first proper snorkel in Mexico with my Australian friends. It was epic and packed with rainbow colours. Fast forward to my honeymoon last year in the Maldives. The reefs are becoming eery graveyards. The coral is bleached and although there remains a vast amount of marine life, how long will it last? We’ve all heard this over and over. The water temperature is rising and people need to not just realise what damage this causes, but help prevent it. 99% of green sea turtles are female because their sex is determined by the temperature of the sand their egg is incubated in. How can they continue?


I think of how much meat we eat without giving it a second thought. An old boss of mine used to say our dental arcade proves we should only eat meat maybe twice a week. As a vet, I have worked in an abattoir as it is, or was a compulsory part of our training. It is not nice to watch, but it is carried out humanely and quickly. I tried my best to be vegetarian for 6 years after seeing these killings and witnessing a depressing stint of slaughtering during a foot and mouth outbreak. Although I ate a good diet, I still became anaemic. I just try to eat a little bit of everything these days. Just stop and think.


I think of some of the cruelty cases I have seen in work. Once, a staffie came in with brutal wounds on his head. The guy had been using this gorgeous strong dog’s head to put his cigarettes out on! The dog was still over the moon to interact with us humans, so forgiving, still so trusting, typical staffie. Another guy, had left his spaniel for so long without brushing or grooming her, a knot had formed a tourniquet around one of the ankles. Luckily, we sedated the dog and managed to completely shave and bath it, saving the leg. It took hours.

Other cases I can’t even mention.


I think of how people walk in to my clinic already angry because they know they will have to pay something. Well, I can assure you that money isn’t for me. It’s for all those life saving drugs, the over heads, the equipment to do a good work up on your pet. It’s not nice to constantly fight a battle about how expensive we are. In fact it’s so boring to me. I hear it every day and it’s exhausting. I didn’t do business in Uni and I have no clue when it comes to sales. You don’t have to have a pet, nobody forced you but you will need medical treatment for them one day.

I think of how little we appreciate other creature’s brains and thought processes. They are more intelligent than we can ever know. We lack the intelligence for not understanding them.

So, I wonder about that womens statement. Why are humans more superior than animals….we are not, we just think we are. We share this planet!

Remember when this picture went viral last year?


“Humans are stupid, I’m ashamed to be a human” KURT COBAIN


The vogue vet


5 thoughts on “All about anger, and fashion”

  1. Thank you for this. I wish it was compulsory for people to have insurance for their pets. People may be less likely to get animals on a whim then.

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  2. My pets, my 3 pups, mean the world (and more) to me! I rescued them whilst living in Spain and although I’ve always been an animal lover, my passion for protecting all animals has become even stronger since having them in my life.
    I like to think that all vets, all those who work with animals, share your thoughts and feel a duty of care towards our furry friends… sadly, I’ve come across some vets who seem to be in it just for the money.
    Before I ramble on any longer, I’ll say thanks for sharing this and I hope that as kind humans, together we can all help the animals and the planet.
    Jo x

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