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Ziga Zig Ahhhhhhh

I’ve noticed a lot of posts like ‘ 30 things I want to do before I’m 30’ type things recently. Well I’ve well and truely passed that number, so I’ve decided to have a little think about what I have already done and what is still on my list of must sees/do’s. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot and live in different countries but, there is always more isn’t there? I should also apprechiate more what I’ve already done. So first, here is my list of achievements I am proud of:

hm h&m dress fashion wiw styleinspo

Blue dress, H&M, similar here  and here

Patent ankle boots, Newlook, similar here and similar here

Cream teddy bear coat, similar here or here

Beret, Topshop£12

Bag, Primark, silver bag similar here

  1. Becoming a Veterinary Surgeon. Jeez, that was hard.
  2. Getting out of a bad relationship. Jeez, that was hard too.
  3. Going to Australia alone and living in Melbourne for three years. That was difficult at first but I made the best of friends and had a great job/boss. I think I went at the right age too (24) as it really made my person. Bets thing I ever did!
  4. Helping Thai street dogs and cats. I volunteered at two charities. So much fun, so much love.
  5. Setting up my blog and instagramKRJTE6458[1]
  6. Buying a house – I have a cottage in Wales.
  7. Buying a figaro – so cute! need a bit of a polish now though. I bought this car as soon I got back from Australia in 2013.
  8. Contracting the travel bug- As well as holidaying somewhere in Europe every year growing up, I have lived in Thailand and Australia. I did a lot of trips to places like Sri Lanka and Bali when I lived in Oz and when I returned home to the UK after a few months trying to settle back in to home life, I gave up and met my Aussie friends in LA for a three month trip to San Fran, Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas, New York and Canada. That was epic! And last year Richard and I took a 90 day honeymoon around the world, adding Cambodia, Borneo, Maldives and Fiji to my list. We aslo did Hawaii not long after meeting! Travellling really is a bug with no antidote, do it!
  9. Getting married….twice (to the same person I might add). The organising of a three day festival was a mammoth taks but as the lyrics go ‘I get get by with a little help from my friends’ and family!
  10. Get in to the film world (well not really, just where animals are involved) and have a break from my clinic work but still be looking after animals and their welfare. I am required to be on set when an animal is used for filming and have to check them over before working and write a report stating that all was ok. I even have  a little animal first aid kit! It’s great to meet all the ary peeps and well trained animals! hm dress fahsion style wiw
  11. Went to Coachella (twice) – I think I like doing things twice don’t I? and is this an achievement? I think a festival in the desert is!
  12. Went to Beniscassim
  13. Went to Glastonbury
  14. Lived in a converted office – this was in Melbourne. There were 9 of us. We had girls and boys toilets and a cinema room! hilarious


And next, I have put together a list of a few things I would like to do/achieve some time in the future. This is a selfish list but, here goes:

  1. Own another house. As mentioned I have a little cottage already but I’d love to get another one with Richard, or even design one (hint hint Richard the architect)…. we shall see!
  2. Volunteer as a vet again. I got the most fulfillment from being a Veterinary Surgeon when there was no money involved and the patients were mainly street dogs and cats. I worked in Thailand when I first qualified and the animals there are amazing. They crave human attention so they liiterally let you do all your work up without fuss 🙂
  3. This brings me to…. change my job. I’d love to work in fashion. I’ve loved it since I moved to Camden to do my Uni course and I became obsessed with the vintage markets. I’d buy something every week to go out to the Friday indie disco at Koko. This change could prove a very difficult move seeing as when you’re a vet you’re a vet. That’s mainly all we know as there is so much to learn. It seems to be the case that a vast majority of us do leave the profession due to so many reasons. Anybody want to take a vet in to the world of fashion?
  4. Live in a different country again. I lived in Thailand and I lived in Melbourne. They were both last minute but great decisions. I stil remember waving to my mam and dad as I went through seecurity back in 2010, and at that age I didn’t even have a plan! Fab! Everyone should live in a different country if they can!
  5. Watch more live bands. I used to watch so many back in the day but now it seems I only get to see them if I go to a festival or accidentally stumble across a live band in a pub etc.  SCCHE3551[1]
  6. Go to Madagascar. One word, lemurs.
  7. Get my figaro back…stolen by my dad to make it look all nice, I really need to invest in it and get it back on the road again.
  8. Learn Spanish …. again.
  9. Learn Welsh….. again.
  10. Own a dog. This, you need to be really ready for so not just yet but one day. I do love a staffie! I also do own two cats who may not be impressed! Handm fashion fashion blogger style wiw
  11. Have a bath outside again….wierd I know, but when I was a volunteer vet in Thailand, a British couple came to the sanctuary. They loved animals and were so grateful for what we were doing, they ivited us for dinner at their house down the road. They had a rooftop bath outside and the lady got it all ready for us, bubble bath and towels and the stars – amazing!
  12. Buy some rollerblades – self explanatory no?
  13. Live more centrally in London. We live at  West the the moment and I always think if you’re gona live in London, you need to be IN London! but oh the expense!!!!
  14. Live in a converted warehouse with exposed brick walls…lush!
  15. Cook the perfect Thai food…this basically means take Thai cooking lessons London wiw fashion style fblogger
  16. Find the perfect dance class. My favourite ones at the moment are Frame music video dance classes (I think I’m Britney) but I can never get to them in time with working
  17. Have fish again…I mean in a tank not to eat. They are so relaxing and cute!
  18. Be less anxious
  19. Sleep – I’d love to wake up rested for one day
  20. Meet Isabel Lucas…just cosLondon wiw fashion style


The vogue vet


1 thought on “Ziga Zig Ahhhhhhh”

  1. Great lists Kelly!
    I think I may have to steal some of your already done list, see if I can get some more amazing things on my list! I did the “30for30” for my birthday last year and although I didn’t quite complete it, I had some bloody awesome times! I’d like to finish it off… i’M STILL IN MY 30s, so reckon that counts xx

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