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Change is the end result of all true learning……


It’s all change for me as I quit my job in clinic as a Veterinary Surgeon. I find myself more and more frustrated with the people that ‘own’ animals, whether it be them just not listening to my advice/thinking I’m a sales person or not wanting to pay/prefering to go on holiday or buy alcohol than have their pet blood tested (yes I had that the other day!). It all takes it’s toll in the end and I’ve been unhappy in clinic for the last few years. I’ve tried to ignore it as I love love love animals but it’s just not for me anymore….for a little while anyway. You have to know in our profession, so many people leave and do something completely different. We have lots of transferbale skills!

Vet veterinarian denimshorts britneyspears

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I will always be a vet and I have to earn a living (and keep up my surgical skills) so I will be locuming intermittently but my main work now will be ‘Vetcetera‘. This is looking after animals on sets of films/adverts/photography etc. I love it! It’s way less stressful and you meet very interesting people! We will see how it goes…

I also want to keep blogging, doing fashion stuff and travel just because I love it so much! I’ll have more time to invest in my instagram and blog now too šŸ™‚

The other thing that is happening this month is we are moving house! I got my flat with my job so for the last two and a half years we’ve been lucky enough to have low rent and bills which has allowed us to go on holiday, get married and travel the world for our honeymoon. We are moving to a new area so it will take a while to explore. Last weekend, we walked the streets there and found some gems – vintage stores, a greek restaurant and cute hipster cafes, so it’s all exciting! I wanted a garden and wood floors… they were my two top things and Richard found this flat with both those! I might do a little moving house video if I have time! If not I’ll do a ‘moved in’ one when we are settled.

On top of that, we also bought a house! It’s a second house for me, but Richard’s first one and we plan to rent it out and keep building our rental property portfolio. It’s up in Wales and its a little cottage so if anyone knows of anyone who would like to rent a cute wooded floor/beamed cottage with a beautiful garden, we hope it will be ready at the end of September. We need to decorate and do some odd jobs first and get the garden neat and tidy. I may actually do a little blog/vlog about that too….amongst all the stress!

Finally, we have a trip to Italy booked at the end of September and I think by then, it will be much required. I only hope we’ve finished everything by then and are settled in our new home! We were going to Capri, Ischia and Positano for a few days but after chatting to people Capri sounds expensive and I really wanted to stay on Ischia island a bit longer to visit a vineyard. So in the end, we changed the itinerary and we are now doing Ischia and Sorrento with hopefully little trips to Capri and Positano. I cannot wait to get some Italy outfits up!

All change!!!

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”


The Vogue Vet


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