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The first week in our new house… in the middle of our street

Last weekend we moved house.… argh! As I quit my vet clinic and we were living in the flat above it, we had to move on. We chose south London this time. I’ve lived in Camden, Queenspark, West but never ever South. I’ve also never really hung out in the South so it’s all a new adventure!

Satin midi skirt, Asos £28

Converse, Office £52.99

In solidarity tee, Other Stories £35

Shell necklace, Etta collective website here

The move went well! I was in charge of the car trips which was tedious as each journey was 45 minutes and Richard did the van work. Last to go over was Lionel the cat! He’s pretty chilled so he sat int he passenger seat with Richard. We stopped at a red light and a police van pulled up at the side of us. They were all immediately swooning over him and he was loving it, chatting to them through the window…. god I love that cat/dog!

brunch food coffee
Brunch in Camberwell

Richard chose the flat and I never actually went to view it due to working etc. I trusted him though haha. I just asked for a garden for Lionel and wood floors and he found just that! I’d have loved something quirky like a converted chapel or something but they’re so hard to find… maybe in the future!

So after a day of moving I had a bath and we decided even though we were knackered, we should venture out for a drink! The high street was booming by 8.30pm and we found a fab little cheese and wine bar! The local pizza place was also packed out to he point they’d stopped doing takeaway so we grabbed a pizza else where and took it home.

Sunday was another day of moving and Richard even managed to put a roast on for our first home cooked meal! Amazing!

It was straight in to a new job I’d booked at an animal hospital so close to our new home! It’s a 7 minutes walk actually!! But the shifts went well even though I was shattered! I had the weirdest neuro case in a dog that I’ve ever seen which was worrying so fingers crossed he’ll be ok!

Day off Wednesday and I wanted to get brunch and explore! I stopped a hippie/hipster cafe called ‘Love walk‘ and ordered a veggie toastie and camomile tea. Because it took a while (not that I noticed as I was doing admin) they gave me a free tea! I will be back!

On Friday, I walked in to the city as i wanted to get some more cereal bowls and a dish for Lionel’s food from Tiger. I live their kitchen stuff! I also picked up this gorgeous Newlook colour block knit even though I hate the thought of needing to wear a jumper… I hate the cold!

Colour block knit, Newlook £24.99

Another similar one here, Newlook £18

That evening we went out for drinks in Camberwell. First up was ‘The Old Distillery’. It’s a dark pub with seating booths which I kind of like best! And they were setting up for a D.J. Then we move don the ‘Stormbird’ a craft beer pub full of hipster arty people. It spills out on to the street as is always busy. Lastly, we met up with the vets/friends I’ve just met this week at the ‘Camberwell Arms‘. This has been voted the best Sunday roast in London so we will have to try it!

On Saturday we did the dreaded/enjoyable obligatory trip to Ikea when you move house. We needed a new wardrobe after the one we tried to move broke and fell on my leg haha. We ask found some amazing orange metal stools ( I’ll post them on my Instagram).

On Sunday we walked around and I fell in love with Herne Hill. They had a market on full of amazing produce and vintage clothes!!! We bought a pink heather/pansies and some cakes (obvs) and spent the evening planting the garden and drinking wine/cooking a roast.

So the house is nearly sorted and Lionel Richie is finding his way. He loves sitting in the garden and climbing his new trees!


The Vogue vet


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