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“She looks like fun”

As it was ‘World mental health awareness week’ and I’ve seen so many people opening up and chat about their feelings, I though I’d do a little blog about it.

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At the end of August I quit being a vet in clinic. I needed a break from it because it really affects emotionally me these days. With this, we had to move house and I began locuming but mainly working as a ‘vet on set’ to look after filming animals. I am so much happier going to work now! Work is more than half of your day and if you’re not happy and have the ability to change it, please do! I do now have worries of free-lancing like ayone who is self employed but I sleep at night. When I was in clinic I would go over and over what I’d done during that day and ‘what ifs’. I was also drained by what people think of vets and how little people are willing to do for ‘their’ animal. I wasn’t sleeping and full of anxiety.

Here is a prime example. This week, I took a last minute shift in a clinic and since the move I have only really been working on filming sets and in hospitals dealing with inpatients, so I probably haven’t done a consult for a month or so. My first consult yesterday reminded me why I can’t do it as much any more. The dog was 15 years old with a little tumor on it’s back that it is clearly irritated by. I took a thorough history, even going through what parasite prevention the dog is on but clearly the guy thought I was about to try and sell him something. He said “I’m just going to tell you now, I’m not going to pay loads of money out, I’ve stopped the insurance because it’s more expensive than my car insurance and shes old”. What are we as vets supposed to do in that situation? This dog has been a loyal dog for 15 years and in what is probably her last few months on earth the guy isn’t even willing to consider removing the tumor because “shes old” and “hes not spending money”. I understand in this case, over that length of time maybe people’s situations change, but I don’t want to see the consequences. I love animals too much.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Veterinarians are 4 times more likely to die from suicide than the general public and we lost a 28 year old collegue in April due to this. After that I decided to swap things around and I’m lucky as a vet I have options. Do what you love!

I  love that my passion for fashion and being a ‘vet on set‘ is now my work. I know every job has its stresses. I even had my first Instagram trolling the other day but thats fine. I also know we use Instagram to show mainly positive things, why would we not? Something we like wearing, something we are proud of, our holidays etc.  Nobody wants to see me wide awake at 4am or having a panic attack walking down the street. It is great though, that recently people are speaking out on social media about negative things to build awareness especially during mental health week. Richard is the most positive person I know which is great for me. I was shocked that nearly everyone on my feed this week had some kind of association with mental health. We are all actually in the same boat, our brains are the same and I’m not the only one with these thought processes.

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