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Over and over and over and over….

The fact that we don’t think before we purchase our clothes has been doing the rounds recently. There’s a lot of times where I see something in a clothes shop and love it so much I grab it and buy it without a second thought, but I must admit I often think about things before I purchase them. This is mainly due to costs but now I will think even more due to how wasteful fashion is and how it impacts the environment.

I never throw my clothes away! I always give to charity or sell things on my Depop and I’m also a lover of vintage fashion and charity shopping so I feel I do my bit there. A lot of people would never think of looking in a vintage store or a charity shop but I urge you to try it! Not only is it great fun you’ll find unique pieces which is fab!

I’ve looked back through my wardrobe and I do re-wear everything unless I didn’t like it (in which case I sell it). There are a few things which I definitely wear season after season.

This little velvet dress was a Zara purchase a few years back and every Autumn/ Winter I pull it back out as it’s something which will never date. Here’s me wearing it in LA 2015.

Zara velvet dress LA los Angeles

Black velvet dress, Zara

Similar here £45

Similar here £15

Similar here £32

My jeans I continuously repeat wear. I never really spend a lot on jeans as Primark ones fit me perfectly and I’ve found they last me year after year. Other jeans or denim cut offs I have are always vintage Levi’s.

Vintage Levi’s shorts, Similar here, £45

My coats I wear every Winter. I might buy one coat a year and re-wear all the others. My leopard print coat is still going strong and again, this is an investment coat. Leopard print never goes out of fashion.

Leopard print coat Alan Carr
Me, Richard, Alan Carr and my leopard print coat
Leopard print coat Paris Eiffel tower
Me and my leopard print coat in Paris

Leopard print coat, M&S

Similar here £79

Similar here, £69

Another staple dress that I’ve worn so many times is my Alexa Chung navy polka dot one. I wear it with flats in the summer and with tights and boots in the winter!

Archive by Alexa m&s

Polka dot dress, Archive by Alexa

Similar here £20

Similar here £12

Silver shoes, M&S £29.50

My converse have been worn to the max! They last me ages and again go with everything!

Converse withjean linen dress

Converse, Office £52.99

My jumpers are always re-used. I think staple jumpers are a navy one, a cream/Aran one and a coloured one.

Stripe knit Newlook

Stripe jumper, Newlook £24.99

Cream jumper, Stradivarius £29.99

Navy jumper, Topshop £36

And I can safely say the best eve sandals to get for holiday or summer time are Saltwater sandals. I’ve had mine for years, climbed mountains in them, paddled and trekked through rainforest in them and there’s not a mark on them!

Saltwater sandals
Saltwater sandals in Sorrento, Italy

Saltwater sandals, Office, £59.50

And I cannot forget my old faithful dungarees! If you hadn’t noticed, I’m obsessed with dungarees so yes, these definitely get recycled.

ASOS corduroy dungarees

Pink cord dungarees, ASOS

Similar here £30

Dress version here £30

Similar here £26

So invest, re-use and try a charity shop!!!

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