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Hello HandsOn!!!!

Last week, I was lucky enough to do six live shoots on QVC for new animal grooming gloves ‘HandsOn’. These are specially designed gloves by Jay who lives on a ranch in Texas (nice!) and owns multiple horses and rescue dogs so he knows his stuff! He has tried and tested these gloves and it has actually taken four years to get them how he wanted them. He gave me some to try on my cat Lionel and trust me, (some of you may have seen the instagram story) he goes all gooey and rolls over to be groomed with them. He is a medium-haired cat so he needs to be groomed often.

Being a vet, I see so many owners struggle with grooming in dogs and cats esepcially, even rabbits! Also, older, arthritic pets who can’t quite reach the areas they need to any more need help. If they can’t groom, this leads to hair matting, pain and skin issues like infections. The amount of matted fur I see that I actually need to sedate to be able to do a good job without hurting the animal, is unbelievable!

Dogs Akita shih tzu
Pals: Gizmo, Flora and Kin

Kin loving the gloves live on air

These gloves make it fun and relaxing for the animal. They go on like a normal glove (clues in the name) and have multiple different sized spines that get down to the skin and massage the oils and dander out bringing it a lovely shine. They get through mats and help the animal to shed too. They can also be used for washing the animal with shampoo and getting right down to the skin for a thorough clean. They dont hurt like traditional grooming brushes and it helps you build a bond with your pet too!

On QVC, we used a huge laid back Akita called Flora, her sister an Akita Inu called Kin who absolutely loves the gloves! a Hungarian Pumi called Grace and a Shih Tzu called Gizmo. They were all very well behaved together in the green room, got lots of rest time and lots of fuss from the QVC gang and they really enjoyed their week of filming.

Some other pet accessories I have seen this week :

Pet & Country Kitty Window Lounger

Kitty window lounger, Pet&Country £26.36

Rogz Pop-Upz,Pet & Country £8.49

Molly Mutt Molly Mutt Alice in Wonderland Bamboo Lead

Alice in Wonderland lead, Pet and Country £11.48

Cool Pup Toy Popsicle

Cool pup toy popsicle, Pet and Country £7.99

Vet IQ 2in1 Denti-Care Paste 70g

Toothpaste, Pet and Country £6.99

And to get your Handson gloves, just visit here!!!

Happy grooming!


The Vogue Vet


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