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Little bits of positive ….

Positivity. Positive. PMA….I need to think about this more often so I thought I’d write down some of the things I’m loving and appreciating right now:

-My cat Lionel. Even if I’m in a horrendous mood he cannot fail to make me to smile. He’s the most purry, funny cat, just lovely!

-My house plants… or Richard’s house plants. We have loads from cactus to succulent to cheese plant.

-My bathroom. When we moved to our new flat in London I wanted our bathroom like a rainforest. We have made it just that with hanging plants, a leaf shower curtain and my fave bit, an urban outfitters tiger bath mat!

Home cooking. I love to cook! I just really appreciate it when we make something from scratch with no processed stuff in it. I also just love eating! I like to use Hemsley Hemsley or a BBC recipe.

Wine. My favourite thing to do on the weekend is have a couple of glasses of wine with Richard and just chat away! Then lots of food obvs!

-My nephew, Stanley. Again, he doesn’t fail to make me laugh especially when you ask him questions or when he repeats what you say.

BBC iplayer. I have literally been obsessed with a few of the dramas they’ve had on there recently. Of course ‘Killing eve‘ with the stylish and evil Villanelle and we have just finished watching ‘Informer’. You have to watch it if you haven’t already OMG, it is insane!

Face masks. I just love a face mask. This time of year my skin is horrendous. It’s so dry and dull so one of these a few times of week is lovely!

Cosy nights in. I love my lighting and candles in the lounge. When it’s cold out outside I’m grateful I can be warm and comfy with the smell cinnamon in the air!

-A bright coloured lipstick. This is a fab pick me up if you’re feeling tired or going from work to an evening out! I love my Mac Lady danger and Morange.

-Fashion! It’s no secret I love my clothes and they make me very happy! I just love styling things or finding an outfit I’ve thought up in my head!

-I have two cottages, I have lived in four different countries and I have travelled the world. This might sound like boasting but these are definite positives I need to remember and appreciate more. I worked hard to pay for them all. I also need to keep on working hard to see more of the world and buy more houses too!

Leaf print shower curtain, H&M £17.99

Face mask, Spa Sanctuary £13.99

Face mask, Garnier £3.99

Mac lipstick, ASOS £17.50

Faux plant, Newlook £3.99

Peace lily plant, M&S £25

Bonsai tree, M&S £15

Leather jacket, Topshop £225

Sequin dress, Monsoon £190

Gold bag, Newlook £19.99

This magical thinking,
Feels as if it really might catch on

The Vogue Vet



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