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Seashells are love letters in the sand … πŸπŸ’œπŸ¦€πŸ‘🐚

Browsing through Instagram, I came across the brand ‘Selkie Sheffield‘. Not only does it have the coolest name (it means “seal folk” which are mythological creatures capable of turning from seal to man, nice!), it is also a handmade jewellery brand full of unique pieces, especially shells. I wasn’t really in to wearing much jewellery up until the last couple of years. I’ve always worn rings and the odd vintage necklace but brands like Selkie have recently got me really obsessed!

Jewellery jewelry gold shell necklace vintage unique
Selkie Sheffield unique jewellery pieces

I was lucky enough to be gifted two of their fab pieces recently, so I’ll talk you through them here.

Jewellery jewelry gold shell necklace vintage unique

First up, the beautiful Ophelia necklace. This is a coin pendant with a gold plated sterling silver chain. This is part of their winter collection and will definitely be fab to wear with a pretty blouse or polo neck!

Jewellery jewelry gold shell necklace vintage unique
Ophelia necklace

Next up, the gorgeous Tallulah necklace. This is a conch shell which will always remind me of our visits to the Caribbean.

Jewellery jewelry gold shell necklace vintage unique
Tallulah necklace

A few other lovely pieces I’ve spotted on the website are the Muriel necklace and the Darya necklace, both pretty shell pendants.

Selkie also do pretty delicate earrings and some bracelets. I love the earrings as they’re very vintage style and all the bits are very affordable! They’re perfect Christmas gifts I’d say, so get shopping. You can browse their pieces here!!!!

“She sells seashells on the sea shore”


The Vogue Vet


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