I wish I wasn’t a human

Yes, exactly that. This is a serious blog so I’m going to dilute it with some pictures of me lol!

I’ve been a vet for ten years this year, and even though I’ve read about and seen with my own eyes some horrific animal abuse, I’ve heard a lot things lately that have made me so sad. Sad for the creatures but also sad to be a human because of how superior we think we are.

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The recent article in the bbc about dog fighting is one example. How can this still be happening? How can these men/women be so cruel. It’s not natural, these dogs are trained and brainwashed in to fighting. Then as a result, certain breeds get a bad name… and it’s all our fault.

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The other thing I’ve seen is a gut wrenching video of things we do to animals but with roles reversed. Things like human heads on the wall of a pub or boiling a baby alive. Why does this happen???

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The film is an amazing watch. You can probably look it up on Facebook or YouTube. I hope it has got in to people’s viscera like it did mine and so reaffirms my New Years resolution to eat a lot less meat!

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And it all got me thinking of some of the cruel cases I’ve seen in clinic. A dog that was so matted the fur formed a tourniquet around its leg! A staffie who’s head had been used persistently as an ash tray yet he was still trusting of humans. And the milder things I see daily, like owners saying “oh he’s just old” or ” he’s not in pain because he doesn’t cry”. Or come to think of it, even the overweight cat that the owner excuses with a laugh. Those things also make me sad.

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On our recent trip to Thailand we visited an animal rescue centre on Koh Lanta. Some of the reasons the dogs are there are hideous. One was stabbed multiple times and the guy who brought it to the clinic had attached it to his motorbike and made it run/dragged it all the way (he was trying to help but I can’t even imagine where that dog got it’s energy from)!!

“Be kind to everything that lives”


The Vogue Vet

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