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Bare with me man, I lost my train of thought…..

Day light saving is a mere couple of weeks away and oh dear lord am I excited for this! I’ve already seen the blossom peeking through and although today was freezing and rainy (its Tuesday 12/3), it’s getting milder and lighter! And so, everyone starts to make plans for the year.

Jumper, Primark Β£3

Basket bag, ASOS Β£35

White jeans, ASOS Similar here Β£40

Silver shoes, M&S Similar here Β£29.99

Shell necklace, Miss Selfridge Similar here Β£10

I was so un-motivated in February! I even had to force myself to go out and meet friends and then felt like I had too much wine and I’d eaten really unhealthy and wasted Sundays by being too sleepy from the night before – maybe I’m just getting old. Β It made me reminise about how much I used to do and how I loved being out with friends at festivals or in bars and how now, I think twice and I don’t like it 😦 I love chatting with my mates in a pub! I just wish we didn’t get older!

I did however, drag myself to my first every blogger event and was so glad I did. That was the thing that kick started me again in regards to blogging and getting collaborations with brands. I put everything I learnt at that talk in to action and it worked! I have worked with a few brands over the last two weeks and it was loads of fun!

I have also been very busy filming with animals and feel like I haven’t had time for anything! But the fruits of our labour have been fab (youtube the new chemical brothers video with Shadow the dog!). I’m seeing so many adverts on TV that I have worked on and I love it!

Lastly, I have set up a newsletter and plan to get it out via email every two weeks on a Sunday! I love writing it and you can subscribe on my blog!

So, our plans for this year include travel! You know I love to travel but even our holiday plans this year are still not properly decided. I do know I am visiting Bologna in May for my birthday (was supposed to be a supprise but Richard was too excited and gave it away haha). I cannot wait to explore and eat pizza/drink wine!

Top, Urban outfitters Β£14

My dad is 60 this year (OMG- like I said, why do we have to get older)and we have a cottage booked in the Cotswolds so that should be fun. Some nice walks and pub dinners would be lovely. Fingers crossed its sunny then!

In August, we want to visit Cornwall because I haven’t really explored it. I love to use Airbnb to book quirky places and have found a surf shack I like the look of. Airbnb also have a cancellation policy now on some properties which if so much better!

Our thing is also to miss some of winter every year so we will plan something for December or Januray I think. Richard so wants to go back to the Maldives. He is desparate to see Mantarays closer up. If any of you have any destination you have seen these guys or had great diving experience, let me know!

Our last plan if we can work it, is to buy another property to rent out possibly abroad. We have been looking in Spain and France but need to keep saving pennies!

Let me know you plans for 2019!


The Vogue Vet


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