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I just Wana live….

The weekend and the last few weeks actually have been pretty depressing news wise. Firstly, the Christchurch terror attack. I cannot even think of the words to describe the feeling that gives me. My heart goes out to everyone. I’m just so glad they changed their gun laws so sharpishly but it doesn’t help what has already happened.

Knit, Sezane £90

Satin skirt, Newlook £17.99 (affilate)

Basket, Asos £35(affiliate)

We were in the pub on Saturday night when we found out that Mike from Love Island had taken his own life and it sparked such a long discussion. We chatted for ages about the impact suicide has on those around you, a subject close to my heart and many others. I know at least five people who have tragically taken their own life and it’s horrific. The most recent being a young male vet collegue, about two years ago. I still can’t get my head around how these people, like it’s been said about Mike, were making plans to travel and set up businesses etc. Mike’s close friends said he had been in a bad place but then seemed much better so it was completely unexpected.

I want to live life to the full and I get angry with myself for thinking twice about doing things or spending the cash as you never know what is going to happen. I have always been sensible with money and always saved but recently I think, you really do only live once and although I have travelled the world and bought so many clothes over the years, I love doing it and so I will carry on!

So, it made me think about what I want to do in life. The first thing was to write a list! I think I’ve probably done one of these on my blog previously but this is a new updated version, new thoughts!

Heres my list for life:

  • Be kind every day. If you’re stressed or anxious about something, it’s pretty easy to lose your temper or say something you regret. Think twice!
  • Keep working hard on my blog and social media. It has started to be worth it this year as I have had a few brand collaborations and I just really enjoy it!
  • Earn more money!
  • Buy a cottage in the Cotswolds. Even when its bitterly cold, at least the UK know how to do pubs with an open fire and a red wine! The country pubs around the Cotswolds area are so sweet.
  • Own a boat – some of the houseboats in London are amazing (I’ve been in some in Little Venice, London on vet house calls)! either that or a yacht would be fine for me 🙂
  • Live on Eel pie island or the islands off Toronto. If you haven’t visited either you should. They remind me of each other, tiny littlo islands with cute painted houses and picket fences, no supermarkets/doctors etc. just a little community of people living together.
  • Go to Madagascar – I have always wanted to do this ever since I did a project on lemurs in Uni. I love these anmals and to see them in the wild would be amazeballs!
  • Buy more houses – so I can rent them out and retire!
  • Drink wine – I love wine and I love wine tasting in different countries. I always look for a vineyard when we are away!
  • Travel at least twice a year – I hope I keep earning enough so that I can do this.
  • Visit the deep South of America, like Kentucky and Lousianna. I want to drink whiskey on the rocks and eat fried chicken!
  • Go to Oktoberbfest
  • Be brave enough to go to Africa (not just Morocco) and to South America. I’d love to visit Patagonia where they speak Welsh, fact! and see the Llamas!
  • Keep anixety out
  • Keep eating less meat  – I am officially a flexitarian now haha I have been chosing the veggie option loads more and cooking vegetarian during the week. It’s delish – I’m even getting Richard ot enjoy it 🙂
  • Do more exercise
  • Visit LA and Plam Springs again- I just love the vibe, the little bars, the food, the outdoors, the sun!
  • Live abroad again – I would defintely live back in Melbourne as it was the time of my life but I also fancy living in New York and defintely LA I would also live I Thailand again!
  • Backpack again, even if I am old
  • Visit more of Europe ….. in a campervan – now that would be very cool!
  • Design my own fashion brand. I know what styles I love wearing and I would group all these pieces together in to a collection, for hopefully other people to enjoy. Just got to get them made!



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