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Our 14th century cottage….

The other day, I did a little poll on Instagram and you guys voted to see what we’ve done so far in our new cottage so here goes! I love our old grade II listed cottage with its log burner and beams. I’ve gone around and taken some pics of my fave bits.


Firstly, we have ordered a burnt orange sofa which has still not arrived but I’m so excited to have it! (how long do sofas take to be delivered btw?!!) I did a shoot with an owl and two white horses for Argos homeware over the summer (I’m a vet on set for animals used in filming if you’re new here:)) and I thought that some of their stuff was lush so, when we moved house I searched for an orange sofa and they happened to have one new in that I loved!!!


Orange sofa, Argos Β£449.00

I’ve transferred all of our old art work from ‘Fanclub clothing’ on to the first wall in the lounge and it looks fab. My mum also found loads of 60s and 70s band pictures so we searched for lots of different frames from charity shops and made a wall of them! Do not underestimate chazza shops, you can find all sorts!


Charity art print New York Chelsea Hotel retro poster inspired by 1960s style and french bohemian design

Art work, Fanclub clothing Β£20

Marmalade skies Beatles inspired retro art print 1960s design

Art work, Fanclub clothing Β£20

Speaking of charity shops, I found the most amazing 70s dressers from a shop in our new area for only Β£25!!! We put them in our second bedroom (you can see one in the corner in the pic below). I actually like how I styled this room more than the main bedroom….oops!


For our bedroom, we chose a brand new dusky pink bed from ‘Made.com’ which I am loving (so is Lionel the cat haha)! Matalan also kindly gifted us some amazing leaf and leopard bed sheets and a gorgeous Moroccan rug. I added a vintage frill lampshade and an Urban outfitters tapestry to the back wall which you can get in loads of cute patterns!


Tapestry, Urban outfitters Β£35


Bed, Made.com Β£649

Bed sheets, MATALAN (GIFTED) Β£15-25

My fave chill out, pretty corner involves my peacock chair and table which was actually my mums and I remeber eating my breakfast on it every morning in the 80s haha…. yes its still going and I love it! I added some pillows and a fur rug all from primark!


Lastly, a snap shot of my bathroom which still needs a lot of decorating and sorting so I just took a little pic of one corner for you guys! I have a rain forest type theme with my leaf shower curtain from Dunelm, my tiger bath mat from urban outfitter and also lots of plants around.

So that’s it! That’s what we’ve done in a month of moving out of London (well, to the edge) in search of a cottage and fresh air!!






The Vogue Vet


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