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Paid for her tropical reef

Hello from the Maldives!

Ellaidhoo Maldives Waterville
Water villas at Ellaidhoo, Maldives

The Maldives is a paradise in the Indian Ocean made up of loooooads of islands/atolls. An atoll, if you didn’t already know is like a cicular coral reef enclosing a lagoon which is why it makes these places idyllic to snorkel and make a holiday resort on.

Ellaidhoo Maldives coral reef
The reef at Ellaidhoo

We picked the South atoll region this time as we thought their may be more chance of seeing a whale shark and mantarays! The reef on the island we chose ‘Ellaidhoo‘, is looking pretty ok at the moment. We try and snorkel every where we go and lots of reefs are devastatingly becoming graveyards. Bleaching continues due to global warming and sealife gets killed by things like plastic.

 Ellaidhoo turtle Maldives

A turtle on the house reef

I really hope the Maldives maintain theirs as it is. People need educating even as far as ‘don’t step on the coral‘ which we already annoyingly saw in the first two days of arriving. The coral is alive and will die if trampoled on by tourist feet. The coral feeds the sea life…. you get my point.

Puffed fish Maldives

A puffer fish at Ellaidhoo, Maldives

I have already previsouly discussed the temperature rising and the fact it will obviously ruin the ecosystem down there and things like turtles rely on temperature to sex their babies. Too hot….all female…turtles die out. We’ve aready met the resident reef turtle who was not one bit intimdated by us haha!
Theres also a huge ray who comes by every night at 5.30pm to look for food. These guys are like little dogs! Infact, the reef reminds me of London. They are all going about their daily business, ignoring us and each other. It makes me laugh!

Coral reef Maldives
The coral reef

There a a couple of little changes I feel this isalnd could do to imrpove and be more sustainable. Maybe the other islands have started things like this already but here, the one thing that has bothered me is that every day we can new water in plastic bottles. Why cant they just refill them? or have a water station for us to refill ourseles? I’d be more than happy to do this. Also, the toiletries. I’d love the just have bars of shampoo and conditoner or nothing at all and take my own!

Anyway, if you have never been snorkelling on a reef before you must! It may make you realise what we are damaging more too! Obviously, be respecful of the coral and ocean life! A lot of people here have been saying they’re not seeing much but it’s because they’re staying on the lagoon to snorkel.

Eagle ray angel fish
An eagle ray and a shoal of angel fish

Build up the courage and get yourself out to the drop off (the bit where the reef ends as a cliff face drop of 20 metres plus in to deep ocean). It sounds scary but it really isn’t once your immersed in that world. You can swim along the edge of it and see epic stuff! We’ve seen an eagle ray, plenty of shraks and a huge turtle! Its where the abundance of life is happening! Its like walking in to a house party!

“But this lad at the side drinking a smirnoff ice, came and paid for her tropical reef”



The Vogue Vet


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