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A bun in the oven…..

I have never had a burning desire to have children. I always thought I’d just have pets 🙂

ASOS prairie dress

Orange maxi dress, ASOS £35

Chelsea boots, ASOS £25

Beaded bag, Miss Selfridge £25

It’s mainly because, I’ve lived in other countries, I love travelling, going to the pub, meeting friends whenever I like….basically living a selfish life, cos why not? I think it’s also why I prefer being a self employed vet so I can travel at the drop of a hat 🙂

The other big reason is that I’m petrified of giving birth, and hospitals, and medical procedures….. I could go on 😂

ASOS prairie dress pregnancy first baby

So, when the little test line appeared and I was confirmed as preggers, my first feelings were panic. Omg I have to give birth!

We were about to leave for the Maldives which has had zika in the past, should we still go? My cousins wedding is next year in Greece, we’re supposed to go! Have I got enough money? How will I go back to work (I need to because I’m self employed)? What childcare will suit us? We have no family down in London, how will I cope? I am getting older …. stressssssssssss

ASOS orange dress pregnancy

But slowly, we started working out little plans (and still are!). Most of that anxiety has now dissipated. I am deteremined to take the little one on holidays as much as we can before school starts. The amount of people who have replied with ” no more tropical holidays for you two then” because they know thats what we love, has only made me more determined to travel with a baby.

ASOS orange prairie dress first pregnancy

The only other hurdle for me, was my fear of giving birth. I think it’s because, being a veterinary surgeon, I do that kind of stuff in work, C-sections etc. and I know animals cope better than us humans so it scares me to death. I feel like it’s a different world of secrets nobody tells as they don’t want to put people off having kids cos “it’s the best thing ever” (I’ve heard that line soooo many times)….. nobody ever goes in to any detail. Needless to say, we start hypnobirthing classes next week 🙂

ASOS prairie dress pregnant

If you follow my blog for vet stuff and fashion, don’t worry that will still be the mainstream event but I just wanted to throw my feelings about pregnancy out there incase somebody else is feeling like me 🙂

“What ever will be will be”


The Vogue Vet


2 thoughts on “A bun in the oven…..”

  1. Hi Kelly, when I got together with Tony, he’d never been married or children, when it came to children, we both said ‘if it happens, let it be’ needless to say, at 43 I discovered I was pregnant with twins! My friends said they would slit their wrists, I decided to enjoy every minute, and that is what I did. Despite my plans to have a normal birth, an epidural was decided on because of the way they were lying diagonally.
    Doom and gloom set in again, ‘it is so painful, into your spine, you can be paralysed’! I can honestly say
    everything was explained and people take such good care of you I never felt worried. My daughters were born, 5.5 and 5.10. Positive attitude is vital, take it one day at a time. Oh, and travelling? We took them on their first holiday to Spain at 10 months, they are now 28, we went abroad every year, we gave them the joy of travelling, so much so, gap years were spent in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. Our last holiday was ‘girls only’! Alicante hen party for my daughter, lots of fun, tapas and Prosecco! Give your baby the zest for life you both have and life will be amazing.


    1. Aw sounds lovely Gaynor!!! You did amazing having twins! Yeh I think it is all positive mind which I need to work on! And the travelling will hopefully still happen !! Hope you’re ok 💜💜💜


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