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The wrong place at the wrong time….


Our Friday night consisted of a hospital visit so I thought I’d share with you what happened. I was working as a “vet on set” filming an advert for a big brand. We’d nearly finished, just had the rabbit left to do her bit. I just happened to be sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone carrying C-stands which are heavy metal poles, dropped one and it landed on my belly 😦

Cream corduroy pinafore, Monki (similar here) £17.50

Silver Mary Janes, M&S (similar here)£18

Prairie top, UO (similar here) £39

If I wasn’t pregnant of course, it would be no issue at all. I am also rhesus negative blood type which means as baby is likely positive, any blow to the belly means blood can mix. If the blood types are different this can spell bad news so everyone kindly made me ring the midwife and report it. I felt so bad as I have never left a shoot before or had to report anything. They asked me to go in to the hospital to be checked over.

I have never been to hospital for anything major (cue touch wood!) so I was apprehensive but the midwives were fab and immediately started taking the mic about me being a vet 🙂 I had my blood pressure checked, temperature checks, scans, urine and bloods and eventually had to have an injection of anti-D in case there was any blood mixing.

I thought I would blog this in case it happens to anyone else or in case you are rhesus negative and don’t realise the consequences that can arise. We have a full scan next week so I am hoping all is well.

But all is good at the mo and we enjoyed a pizza at midnight in bed on Friday 🙂


The Vogue Vet


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