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How do you cope?

After the whole Caroline Flack passing (which I am still thinking about daily!), I wanted to write a blog about how we get ourselves back on track. I’d love some comments here or chats on Instagram about how you guys pick yourselves up when the going gets tough.

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If shit goes down, I have friends who immediately see the positive (or so it seems) and crack on but, I also have depressive friends who become all insular, stop communicating or manic friends who immediately become obsessed with work/going out/messaging/exercise. We are all different and I have known three people take their own life when at rock bottom.

Poor Caroline Flack must have felt there was no way out and no coming back. If she’d have carried on I’m pretty sure her court case would all be sorted and her career would be absolutely fine. Look at the likes of Chris Brown, found guilty of assaulting Rihanna (we all saw the brutal pictures), he’s had hit singles since. Michael Barrymore, somebody died in his house and he disappeared to New Zealand until the press died down. And we all seem to have forgotten how Cheryl Cole punched somebody on a night out and did community service. Has it affected her career? I only wish Caroline could’ve seen the light or stayed in LA anonymously for longer.

So when things are going swimmingly and then you’re hit hard with a set back, what do you do? Go out with friends? eat loads? drink? I always bring our behaviour back to animals. What would they do? If they built a nest and it immediately got blown down, I’m pretty sure they’d just immediately make another one no bother, no complaining. Do they stress about the future? Nope, they think of the here and now. I don’t think Lionel Richie (my cat) is thinking about where his next meal is coming from or how he must clean that bit behind his ear. No, he just deals with it as it comes. I do wish I was more like an animal.

I have had times in life where I’ve had to pick myself up and so does everyone else. I have never written about my worst times before but during my last year of uni I was up in court as my ex boyfriend attacked me. The stress of this could have ruined my final veterinary exams as I was physically and mentally hurt but I think, thinking about the exams and having to revise actually helped! Then after that, an obsession with travelling occurred where I saw amazing things and met the best people and that is still happening so it’s given me a fab life long hobby!

More recently as you may have seen on my Instagram, our pregnancy has had a set back with the size of the baby and me needing to be tested for diabetes (bring on the starvation pre test and the lovely glucose drink I have to have). Yes it’s made me sad. Kind of like when you’re Young and have no sense of mortality, our pregnancy was going fabulous and now bang…. this to deal with, but there’s nothing I can do only carry on with exercise and my good diet and cross my fingers.

Sometimes life is shit, but you only get one, remember that. Make it nice πŸ™‚


The Vogue Vet


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