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What will you do????

So, it looks like all my “vet on set” shoots will be cancelled for the foreseeable future as production companies can’t get insurance due to covid-19.

Orange cardigan, Urban outfitters Â£42

Beaded pearl bag, Topshop Â£23

I have the option to do clinic/hospital shifts but with the new government guidelines warning pregnant women they’re in the “at risk” category now, is this a good idea? Like the other healthcare professions, people forget about vets. Vets are still carrying on but with protocols in place now like a one person per pet policy (which someone asked me last night “well can’t two of us come in”), hand gel/deep cleaning etc. And bless my nurses yesterday for bringing animals into the consult and holding them for me rather than owners. I also wore gloves all day!!!

I’m self employed so I need to make the money but I also need my health! What to do? Like most others, I have mortgages to keep paying if my tenants can’t. I am due to take maternity in June so needed to work as much as poss before…. if only this whole virus happened two months down the line… if only ??!! Early maternity would’ve been the answer haha

But I still have my fingers crossed for our upcoming QVC shoots this weekend then after that, take each day as it comes!

So what are you doing with your time at home? Are you at home? How are you using the extra time from the shortened commute from your bed to your desk ? Use it wisely if you can people!

I’m so happy I get to make Richard a nice brekkie as he works from home and I made a lovely baked potato with tuna and salad for lunch today 🙂 we also used lunch time for a walk around the country lanes and park in our neighbourhood (obviously keeping our distance but there weren’t many people around to be fair!). Slightly eery!!

I’ve filled my blog shop up with spring beauties if you fancy buying some fashion items to lift your spirits and I’ll be writing some blogs!

Little things like, I’ve had time to paint my nails without smudging them within 30 seconds! I can bake cakes and good meals. I can do yoga every day in the lounge! I have organised all the baby stuff and had the fire roaring today to burn some cardboard boxes. I can spend alllll day with Lionel Richie (my cat) and I can make a start on reading ‘Baby watching’ by zoologist Desmond Morris 🙂 appreciate it all, find the positives !!

Let me know how you guys feel and what you’ll be doing with your isolation time! I do find the whole situation weird and eery and I’m anxious to see how it pans out but fingers crossed we’ll be alright !!

Stay safe!


The Vogue vet


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