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Feeling a bit useless….

Covid-19 couldn’t have come at a worse time for me ( well let’s face it there’d never be a good time)! I feel a bit in limbo. I know everyone feels the same and is apprehensive about what will happen but I also feel helpless.

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Being 7 months pregnant I can’t even continue my job as a veterinary surgeon. We are key workers so have to continue to provide a service to all the sick animals but we came to the conclusion it’s just not safe for me to do so. If it was, I’d be out there saving animals as my “vet on set” work has come to standstill. Quite frustrating.

This means the next worry is money, wages, paying my rent, having savings ready for baby to arrive and having enough to go on to maternity as being my own business, we all know maternity pay is ruuuuubbish!!!

I am however in a really privileged position that I am married and can rely on Richard’s wages to help us through for now but I’ve never relied on anyone for money so it’s a bit of a shock to the system!

The other thing I’ve been thinking about loads is the fact I can’t even volunteer. If being pregnant means I’m not safe doing my own work then I really shouldn’t be volunteering. Believe me if I had just been furloughed and wasn’t preggers, I’d be out there volunteering for the nhs! Or for anything really, even fruit picking like my Aussie friend has decided to do, just to help out! My mam is volunteering to deliver prescriptions to people’s front door back home in Wales, as her nursery has closed.

So with Richard working hard from home, the best I can think to do is my blog bits and bobs, set up our “vet on set” website, my social media (which I actually do for myself, our vet on set company “Vetcetera” and a cool TV and film animal agency). I’m also making sure I cook a great healthy meal for Richard and I every night (along with baking the many cakes and loaves etc. as we seem to be eating our way through isolation!) and all the yoga/Joe Wicks workouts/gardening/sorting/reading books/cleaning/vet lectures you can think of! I might also brush up my Welsh and Spanish if it all continues for a while.

I hope that’s enough for the world from me as I can’t be of much other use! I promise I’ll do my bit to look after the world and do lots again when I can 🙂

Let me know what you guys are doing! Learning something new? Helping someone?


The vogue vet


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