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Lockdown lowdown


I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to during isolation and I would also love to hear what ideas you have too!

What am I reading?

After a friend recomended it, I purchased Babywatching by Desmond Morris from Amazon. He is a zoologist and so, writes from a scientific point of view why babies do certain things from his learnings from Chimpanzees (lets face it, we are the same!). I loved this idea of bringing it back to basics/nature and you can read this even if not pregnant just out of interest!

Gingham midi dress, ASOS Β£38

What am I eating?

Well, where do I start? I have been eating through this isolation period let me tell you! We did our shopping 10 days ago and managed to spread it out and make it last. We did use it all up by using lots of leftover ideas (mainly from Jamie Olivers channel 4 program). I found a packet of dates at the back of the cupbaord and made date slices. I’ve also made banana bread along with the rest of the world. I made a sweet potato and leek soup which was super easy and super tasty so if you have any of them, add milk/water, seasoning, onions and a stock cube….boom! We also have lots of store cupboard tins so I made a spicy tomato, chickpea and haddock stew which was delish. Another amazing easy recipe with leftover leeks (as we had no peas) was  frozen prawns and some philadelphia/white wine/stock/pasta and there you have….a gorgeous prawn linguine. Richard has also been baking his bread every few days which is a great help amd yummy!

What am I wearing?

Well, like everybody else, my day starts in leggings and a tee/jumper as I do Joe Wick work outs at 9am. After a shower or bath, I have worn a few new pieces including my fab new cowboy boots! I have also just had this orange gingham midi dress delivered which I’m loving especially now the suns out. The other thing I have become obsessed with is beaded necklaces. I just bought a pink daisy one from Monki which I love ( see blog shop).

What am I doing to relax/selfcare?

I have been having a lovely bubble bath most days and have made an effort to put some facemasks on and paint my nails (although I don’t have a gel machine thingy like my sis does )! My fave mask is the red Garnier mask. How it works I have no idea but literally have no lines when I take this bad boy off after 15 minutes!

I am also loving lighting my candles or the fire and just chilling with Richard or flicking through fashion brands.

Exercise regime?

As I mentioned, half an hour of Joe Wicks’ PE session at 9am or any time really as its on his Youtube channel is a real endorphin pumper. I have also been doing some yoga stretches before Joe Wicks and then again during the day. I have also tried to do some power walks as I am in no way a long distance runner (I used to do sprints) but I feel the more I stay in the house the more I get anxiety on walks especially when people don’t keep their distance. I need to keep trying to get myself out for 15 minutes in the afternoon if only for some vitamin D, especially being preggers.

House stuff?

By the first week of isolation, I’d cleaned all the windows and kitchen cupboards, done so much washing an changing of beds, sorted baby stuff out, cleaned the bathroom/kitchen/lounge and gone out to collect wood for the fire. Tip – space things you want doing out, don’t do them all at once like me πŸ™‚

We are also trying to plant lots of veggies and I think we will weed the garden and chop up the Christmas tree thats drying out there to be used for the log burner.

What am I watching?

We have just finished ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix which I think most people have watched. It is the most insane doco I have seen just with the silly competition between the big cat owners that eventually gets very dirty. Mainly, being a vet what do I think of the animals? Who will ever no what those animals feel and how they were treated really? You don’t get to see their full enclosures. On appearance, the cats look healthy and not apprehensive of any workers (except when he fired his gun mulitple times!). The thing that bothered me was taking the babies out to public and also the chimpanzee mention towards the end. Even Joe admitted he’d wasted 10 years of their lives keeping two in cages next to each other before they were released to an open enclosure at a zoo I think and were filmed hugging straight away. To me (spoiler alert!) it’s how he will feel being in jail (sorry if you’ve not watched it)…….karma’s a bitch.

Also, just finished all of ‘Sex Education‘….hilarious! The house used is in Wales and my god its stunning. The whole set up being a bit British and a bit American plus all the vintage vibes is right up my street. I may also have to steal Maeve’s style πŸ™‚

Any other suggestions are sooooo welcome!


The Vogue Vet





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