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Spring has still not sprung….

Who else is over this weather? What is going on? I want to wear my cute dresses and sit in a beer garden! It really affects my mood when it's cold as I just can't/don't want to  get out and do things as much. I get cold very easily! First world... Lets just dream of… Continue reading Spring has still not sprung….

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Ziga Zig Ahhhhhhh

I've noticed a lot of posts like ' 30 things I want to do before I'm 30' type things recently. Well I've well and truely passed that number, so I've decided to have a little think about what I have already done and what is still on my list of must sees/do's. I have been… Continue reading Ziga Zig Ahhhhhhh

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This could be Rotterdam or London Fashion Week Festival ðŸ‘—👚👙👘👠👢👒👛

Hey! This week we visited Rotterdam! It was to see our Aussie friend before he goes back home for good to set up a life in Tasmania, designing his own house... how cool is that! But that wasn't before we had a night at London fashion festival, the festival that follows London fashion week (LFW), obvs.  A… Continue reading This could be Rotterdam or London Fashion Week Festival ðŸ‘—👚👙👘👠👢👒👛