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Ziga Zig Ahhhhhhh

I've noticed a lot of posts like ' 30 things I want to do before I'm 30' type things recently. Well I've well and truely passed that number, so I've decided to have a little think about what I have already done and what is still on my list of must sees/do's. I have been… Continue reading Ziga Zig Ahhhhhhh

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Lets talk about sleep…..

You know, that thing we are all supposed to do every night. Well not me! And I bet there are many of you who struggle. Knit,Β Β Newlook Hunter wellies,Β Office shoes The state of altered consciousness that is supposed to rejuvenate cells and help with cognitive function and mood. what happens if you can't sleep or… Continue reading Lets talk about sleep…..

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Vet school… it’s in fashion!!Β 

In 2004, I started my Veterinary medicine course at 'The Royal Veterinary College', Camden, London. I decided to blog about this today as we went for dinner in Camden last night. It reminded me of so many uni days and how Camden kick started my love for fashion, vintage and indie music.  Nobody in my family is a vet but I always wanted… Continue reading Vet school… it’s in fashion!!Β 

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The whole Vineyards πŸ‡πŸ·

Ever written a blog then gone to board a plane without saving it to drafts.... yep! So bear with me, this may not be as good as the first one!  I left you with our arrival at St.Kilda,  Melbourne, my vintage shopping, our botanical garden walks and seeing my friends for the first time in three years.… Continue reading The whole Vineyards πŸ‡πŸ·