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Whenever we go on holiday, we always come back inspired. I think lying on a beach, you have time to think about plans and nice things and get inspired by the culture around you or people you speak to along the way.

Last year, in Antigua, we met a couple who were able to spend half the year sailing and travelling as they had built a property portfolio and could llive off the monthly rentals. We listened to their advice and subsequently started our own little property empire last year to increase our earning. We now plan to save for more!

We met an underwater photographer this time in Thailand who had done the same only in LondonΒ so he was able to live out there permenantly on the income. He takes photos of the sealife/divers as a hobby and extra income, which is fabulous!

I’d love to be able to be a volunteer vet in different countries and not need to earn a wage. I visited Lanta animal welfare this time and helped with some of the old dogs and it really makes you feel great!

I also really get in to the food when we are away. In Lisbon when we came home, I tried making chickpea and cod salads for a couple of weeks but then it faded away.

With Thai food, I am determined to keep it going and do some cookery lessons. Their food is my favourite as its so fresh and healthy. I plan on perfecting spicy salads, fried pineapple rice and banana pancakes! Thailand made us feel more mindful about food and I am going to try and eat mainly veggie things and nothing processed or with additives. As natural as poss!!

The culture is another inspiration. Again, Thailand is mainly Buddhist and although I’ve read so much about this lovely religion I would like to really take it in more and live by their morals. In London, when we are in work and extremely busy and stressed, it’s so easy to forget to be mindful and not apprechiate things. I’m going to try harder!

Lastly, nature. It is a difficult one living in London but we saw so much wildlife and nature in Thailand and it is proven to calm you immediately so I would like to ‘get out more’ and breathe! and spend more time with animals!


The Vogue Vet


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