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Love love me do

Valentines, Galentines blah blah blah!!!

I bet most people don’t even realise he was a priest in Rome and the flower-crowned skull of Saint Valentine is exhibited there. I like the sound of that, a flower crowned skull! Anyway, I hate talking about death!

Let’s talk about love as we know that’s what this saint is known for! I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in this world of love.

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I was with my first ever boyfriend for four years. I was about 14 years old and he was a lovely guy! We just grew to be friends but I suppose this relationship made future relationships feel like they were going to be all lovely and a breeze…. nah ah!!!!

Enter boyfriend number two! The whole reason I disappeared to Thailand ( well also to gain more surgical experience as a vet) and then stayed in Australia for three years!

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Looking back, I may not ever have had the guts to go and work and live abroad if the horrible stuff with him hadn’t happened, so that is the positive I always take from that relationship. It could however have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for family and friends. This guy was the lead singer in a band and a charmer. I was 21 and naive and also very into my indie music and gigs, which is how we met. Those two years were the worst of my life but the outcome became the best of my life!

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I moved to Thailand and then Australia and I met the best people ever who remain my friends!

I’m now with Richard who is the best of the best (although I don’t tell him that lol). I met him via a friend I made in Australia but back in London (confusing) as that friend and myself had moved to the UK.

Greek food

So in short, the bad stuff had to happen, to make me move to Aus, to make new friends and to come back full circle to London to meet Richard. Anyone believe in fate??

So here we are, the day after Valentine’s Day (I’m a day late with this blog but I was working on a music video yesterday with a gorgeous dog). For our Valentines, we went off to our fave little Greek restaurant for a bottle of wine and the meze, all the Humous and feta! Bring on all the love!

And do you still think love is a laserquest
Or do you take it all more seriously?


The Vogue Vet


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