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A little bit of Skincare 🥰

Every day I wake up and there’s something different going on with my skin. Some days I love it, others I detest it! Have I slept enough? If not my eyes are the worse for being puffy and dark. Have I cleansed it enough or too much? Hello spots!

I’ve travelled a lot and I love the sun which as we all know is not the best for skin. I started getting pigment and I really hated it. I couldn’t not wear foundation to cover it up and it really started to get on my nerves! That’s when I started getting microdermabrasion, sometimes going for a facial and sometimes doing my own at home with spa sanctuary.

Spa sanctuary microdermabrasion polish, Boots £9

I also started using ‘The Ordinary‘ products especially the acid peels. These have been amazing and I literally have no pigmentation left. Don’t be scared of them. Do a little tester first or use a lower concentration of acid. I use the 30% and I absolutely love it!

AHA and BHA peeling solution, The ordinary £6.50 (affiliate link)

I also use factor 50 suncream now too. My fave is Superdrug’s own as it doesn’t clog pores and really protects my skin.

Face sun cream, Superdrug £3.49

I received a package last week from ‘This works’ probs because I go on about it sleeping well and hating my eyes bags 🙂 They kindly sent me loads of goodies all full of vitamin C to brighten and wake up my skin. Vitamin C also helps with pigmentation so it’s everything I need in one! This week I’ve been trying all the products out.

Power mask, this works £39 (Affiliate link)

The face mask is gorgeous. It’s creamy with some abrasive bits to cleanse. You leave it on for ten minutes and then bathe it off. The under eye cream comes with two sides, one to squeeze the cream out of and the other (which is cold metal) to spread the cream around your eyes and massage. The other thing I loved of theirs was the vitamin C acid wipes, everything I use in one wipe. Your skin feels so clean afterwards!

Open eyes serum, this works £30 (affiliate)

Hyaluronic acid serum, this works £37 (affiliate links)

Acid pads, this works £33 (affiliate links)

My skin is very happy at the moment! Thank you this works 🙂


The Vogue vet


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