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Some things I like about lockdown….

Hey all! I hope you’re all ok!

I didn’t want to write this post because of course I know that we’re in the middle of a horrendous pandemic and we have lost way too many people, but I am actually enjoying the enforced lockdown and what we’ve become and that is allowed too! Let me explain the sprouts of loveliness that have come out of this crisis…..

I am lucky enough to love my quirky cottage and being locked down here for me, isn’t a bad thing at all. I understand not everyone has this luxury but I also know that we worked hard for it and we appreciate it and that is ok too.


Lilac slip dress, UO £52

Silver Mary Janes, ASOS £16

Within my job as a Veterinary Surgeon, the most difficult part is dealing with owners or having owners present while you’re examining their anxious animal or taking bloods or having to have difficult conversations and discuss the financial side. With social distancing, they are not allowed in to the clinic so we have to take their pet away from them in the car park to do what we need. It’s a sad and worrying time for the owners but for me, this has taken the biggest stress away from being a vet. It actually made me enjoy being a vet in clinic again as I can just do what I need to (with over the phone consent obvs) which is help the animals. Veterinary medicine will always have the struggle of being private and so people have to pay for treatments when not everybody makes sure they can afford a pet (leaving vets in a predicament and emotionally drained) but social distancing has been a bit of a relief to the profession in my opinion. 

Another animal point, the wildlife. You’ve all seen how animals are creeping in to places that would’ve usually been over run with humans. We can hear the birds loudly, we can see more sea creatures without the pollution. It’s fabulous!


My next point is that I get to see Richard more as he works from home. No commuting for either of us leaves loads of time together and also less stress whilst being pregnant!

Lionel Richie (my cat)…. I’ve been able to spend so much time with him not that he probably cares haha. He sleeps a lot of the day anyway so he probably doesn’t mind us going to work. It’s good for me though, I just love him!


We’ve also really begun to appreciate the area we live in. We only moved in August and with Winter and working long hours, we haven’t been able to explore properly. The walks and countryside we’ve found have been bliss! There is also a stream running through the village which is magical in the sunshine, full of creatures including newts which I haven’t seen since I was a kid!

At a time where I wanted to work as much as I could to get saving ready for maternity, the shock of being put in the vulnerable group along with all other pregnant women put a halt to that. Instead I had to furlough myself from my business and I’ve had time to actually do stuff in the house like tidy and clean and sort all the babies things out. I’ve washed all the little outfits and we put the cot up….. everything is prepared!

Lastly, I’ve just been enjoying cooking, baking and trialing recipes. We have made so many good things and with my birthday this weekend I think a chocolate cake and  fish and chips are on the cards 🙂

Stay safe!!!


The Vogue Vet


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