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Hypnobirthing, home birth and hope….

I literally cannot believe we’ve hit 9 months already and our baby will be born during a pandemic! I still can’t believe we’re having an actual baby to be honest πŸ™‚

I promise my blog and instagram will not become a baby fest but I will show you some bits and bobs I think are important or that nobody talks ever about (I feel there are a lot of secrets around pregnancy, labour and the 4th trimester).

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When I first discovered I was pregnant I wrote a blog about how scared I was. Don’t get me wrong, I am still scared (mainly about actually giving birth) but when I have little bouts of worry I have to knock them out of me using my affirmations or breathing techniques, all learnt at hypnobirthing! We had a lovely hypnobirthing teacher and if you’ve never heard about it, it’s defintely not hippie stuff like it sounds. It just explains what is happening at each stage so you are informed and as we all know, with knowlegde comes power. It teaches you to change your subconcious in to thinking you’ve already given birth and it was gentle and calm, in a hope that the real event will be just this. The body follows what the mind thinks.

Every time I have a bath, I listen to affirmations and I have them stuck up all around the cottage. The breathing you learn for each stage of labour is also very very helpful. You learn upward then downward breathing techniques and these along with the affirmations can calm anxiety and can help in every day life too! They teach you that it is all your choice, don’t ever listen to negative births or what a lot of women will say about labour and use things like massage, aromatherapy and candles etc. to stimulate oxytocin (your friend).

You may have all heard me panic on instagram about how covid changed our birthing plans. I wanted a home birth but they all got cancelled once a pandemic was annouced. The next best thing I wanted was the midwife led unit but ours then closed (also due to covid). I was left with only hospital as an option and one birth partner who wouldn’t be allowed to visit only to be present when baby was born then straight home. I really didn’t want this as I am petrifed of hospitals! One of my friends always asks am I scared because I work in a clinical environment and see death on a daily basis which may be the answer but, mainly I just want to be alive. What do we usually associate hospitals with? illness, pain, death, never really happy occasisions.

Basket bag, topshop (aff link) Β£20

But to our delight, the hospital has now started to advise homebirths due to coronavirus, so we are over the moon to still try and have one. We have ordered a birthing pool (hired online) which should arrive next week….. shit is getting real! We have the day it starts planned out (which a lot of people may laugh at but unless you’ve practised hypnobirthing, I don’t think is fair). I want to exercise/walk, order our favourite Thai food, have massages, listen to Gerry Cinnamon and Arctic monkeys and watch comedy on TV with aromatherapy and candles on!

If it helps anybody and I can remember, I will tell you all my birth story once it’s happened πŸ™‚


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